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We Listen. We Understand.

We are a group of practitioners with different specialties that help to bring your whole being into balance. Utilizing different specialties allows us to serve your unique needs. We are successful because we look at the whole picture and reassess when necessary. Our ultimate goal is your health and wellness. We are here to guide and assist you on your journey to live your best life!

Our Services


Hands-on techniques to adjust the body’s joints allowing for better movement and nervous system function.


Utilizes specific tools to break-up scar tissue in the fascia covering the muscles allowing for better movement and injury recovery.

Health Coaching

Holistically working with the client to bring better health and balance to all aspects of their life.

DOT Exams

Physical examinations for obtaining a commercial driver’s license.

Energy Medicine

Utilizing the body’s energy field to rebalance and restore health.

Dr. Jon is an amazing chiropractor. He’s a great listener, really cares about your health, will recommend services outside of his practice that might be helpful for you. His style of adjusting is very gentle and he is willing to go at your pace. If you’re looking for a wonderful chiropractor to improve your health, Dr. Jon is the one for you!

Lisa M

Dr. Jon really cares! He’s authentic, listens and offers practical tips. Easy scheduling. Takes the necessary time to make sure I’m happy with results. Effective! He knows what he’s doing! My family appreciates his type of care. Thanks for keeping all of us “moving” in the right direction.

Chery L

I’ve been going to Dr. Jon for over eight years. He has also treated my daughters and wife. What I like most it is not a rushed treatment. He listens and treats accordingly. Would highly recommend his clinic.

Doug G

Dr. Jon is amazing!!! Best chiro I’ve had in the twin cities!!

Abigayil C.

Dr. Jon is very patient with my son. He gained his trust very quickly and has helped us through many things! He also makes sure my hairstylist back and neck stay aligned. Highly recommend!

Marni L

Definitely recommended! He has helped me through many injuries and great customer service.

Brandon M

Dr. Jon Morris is not just another “back” cracker. He listens and adjusts until your issue is solved. I am tough to adjust and he worked the angles with expertise.


I was seen by Dr. Morris: straight forward to the problem, did a good assessment, did not hurry things. I felt significantly better immediately after. Came back for one more session, during which Dr. Morris reassessed improvement and current status of my neck before adjusting.

Youssef A.

I was just there this morning because I work at a job that requires me to lift heavy equipment. My lower back was hurting and Dr. Jon did a great job adjusting me. I walked out of the place like my lower back has been restored. I highly recommend this place.

S. Blong V.



| Monday: 9:30 am – 6 pm

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| Thursday: 12 pm – 6 pm

| Friday: 8 am – 12:30 pm

| Saturday: By Appointment